29-30 March 2018 4th European Symposium on Ethics and Governance in cooperation with the OECD

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In cooperation with the OECD


The Chair of Law & Business Ethics



the 2018 European Symposium on

Ethics and Governance


Dates : 29-30 March 2018

Venus : OECD : 2 rue André Pascal, Paris 75016

The OECD organizes annually an Integrity Week at the OECD Headquarters to actively support governments and organizations to strengthen integrity, build trust, and fight corruption. On this occasion, the OECD hosts multiple public events relating to anti-corruption or integrity and notably the Global Anti-Corruption and Integrity Forum (27-28 March 2018) and the Symposium on Ethics and Governance (29-30 March 2018).

The Symposium on Ethics and Governance is an initiative of the Chair of Excellence in Law and Business Ethics of the University of Cergy-Pontoise created in June 2007 with the mission to teach, promote and spread the value of principles related to Corporate Governance, Risk management and Compliance by increasing public awareness, education and research.

It is the first academic initiative in France to assemble researchers and professionals alike to promote these principles and it is supported by an extensive network of national and international partners among the United-Nation’s Global Compact members and an active steering committee of experts whom have provided continuous support for the activities of the Chair.

Launched in 2011, the Symposium on Ethics and Governance brings together stakeholders from government, academia, business, trade and civil society to engage in dialogue. As a result of its success, the OECD has developed a long-term partnership with the Chair.

The 4th issue of the Symposium will explore new approaches of Corporate Governance, Risk management and Compliance: Ethics, Companies and Artificial Intelligence; Protection of Whistleblowers; Collaborative approach to combatting corruption and bribery; Sharing company's values.

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